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Vibration Monitoring

The continuous or periodical monitoring of vibrations allows the evaluation of the condition of equipments. The data obtained can be processed with powerful analysis and expertise software to give a complete report and recommendations of maintenance actions.

We offer the following services:
  • On-site service: Vibration analysis, database creation
  • Periodical surveillance contracts
  • Prompt expert evaluation of complex cases
  • Machine balancing
  • Tailor-made training for conditional maintenance and vibratory diagnostic
  • E-diagnostic with full report
OneproD system

With over 20 years of experience in conditional and predictive maintenance, ACOEM offers a comprehensive portfolio of vibration collectors, analysers and sensors: the OneproD system. This platform has all the required products and services for the successful implementation of conditional and predictive maintenance:

- Online monitoring systems
These tools allow the online monitoring of vibration trends in your equipments. It also provides constant updates of surveillance data. This means you can monitor your machines and be immediately alerted of emerging problems, whether you're on or off the field.

- Portable Instruments
The portable instruments provide convenient ways to carry out analysis in all factory settings.

- Diagnosis Instruments
At the heart of the OneproD system, these powerful analysis tools allow an accurate and complete diagnostic of vibration problems and required solutions, as well as the optimum management of all aspects of a conditional maintenance platform.

- Industrial Transducers
These industrial sensors are dedicated to the protection and monitoring of your machines.

- Training
If you would like to receive training about predictive maintenance systems or the use of products in the OneproD system range, do not hesitate to contact us.

Other products

We also offer alternative products for vibration monitoring, from Sensonics.

Sensonics is a global player in the design, manufacture and supply of monitoring instrumentations. Sensonics specialise in accelerometers, eddy current probe systems, velocity transducers and LVDTs; as well as the supply of a broad range of equipment including remote monitoring, turbine supervisory, seismic measuring and alarm voting systems. Please contact us for more details on this range of products.

OneproD-MVX - Smart Online Monitoring System
OneproD-MV6 - Programmable Real Time Monitoring system
OneproD-VM5 - API compliant modular Monitoring System
OneproD-VM16 - 4 to 12 channels vibration monitor
OneproD-MV2 - 2 channels vibration monitor
VIXAL - One channel vibration monitor
OneproD MVP 200 - 2 channel Analyser
OneproD MVP-2EX - Two channel Collector Analyser EEx ia IIC T4
MULTIVIB - Overall Levels Vibration Meters
OneproD XPR
VibGraph - Vibration Analysis software
Industrial accelerometers  
Proximity probes  
4/20MA Displacement transmitter
Vibration Transducers  
Eddy Current Proximity Probes  
LVDT Displacement Transducers  
Multichannel Monitoring Systems  
Portable Vibration Meter  
OneproD-MVX OneproD XPR Software Sensonics Hand-Held Vibration Meter
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