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Thermal imaging has evolved into one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for predictive maintenance. Our thermography service enables you to detect with accuracy anomalies and irregularities that are invisible to the naked eye in your electrical, electronic and mechanical systems. The analysis can be carried out, in total security, whilst you are operating.

Infrared cameras detect variations in temperature and convert any defects in a colour video image, in real time. We convert our inspections and analysis the same day to give you a complete account with recommendations of corrective measures to be taken.

Our partner FLIR is the world leader in infrared technology. Its range of infrared cameras offers various functionalities and caters for different needs and budgets:
T Series - New! The most affordable, feature rich infrared camera  
InfraCAM - The new and improved system  
VOC Gas Detection - Find even small fugitive gas emis sions quickly and easily with  
ThermoVision Scout - Infrared detection  
P series - The Pro’s choice  
E series - Handheld & affordable  
B-series - Building diagnostics  
A series - Process & Control monitoring  
R & D - Science-Grade IR cameras  
FLIR's New ThermaCAM T400 FLIR's InfraCAM FLIR's ThermaCAM P620
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