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Ultrasonic Inspection

One of the most reliable ways to conduct ultrasonic inspection is via the Multiple Echo technique, pioneered by Cygnus Instruments Ltd. This allows you to measure metal thickness to determine wastage and corrosion.

Only Multiple Echo can give the true substrate thickness and ignore coatings up to 6mm thick. Our range of Cygnus Ultrasonic Metal Thickness Gauges relies on this technology to enable you to measure through coatings and on badly corroded metals.

Advantages of Multiple Echo measurements:

  • Coatings do not have to be removed since it measures only the metal thickness
  • No grinding – minimum surface preparation
  • Measures on rough, uneven surfaces
  • Fast, accurate and reliable
  • No false readings – repeatable results
  • Easy to use – minimum operator training
  • Greatly reduces inspection time and cost
  • Recommended by Classification Societies when measuring through coatings on ships
Cygnus 1 Heavy Duty - For use in demanding environments indoors or outdoors  
Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe - For safe use in hazardous environments  
Cygnus 1 Underwater - For use by divers undertaking subsea surveys  
Cygnus 2 - Worn on waistbelt with a highly visible LED Display for all light conditions  
Cygnus 3 Datalogger - Store thickness measurements and download them to your PC  
Cygnus 4 - Quick and easy calibration  
Cygnus MINI ROV - allows thickness measurements in previously unfeasible areas using large ROVs  
Cygnus ROV 1000 or 3000 - Mountable on most types of work class ROV  
Cygnus 1 Basic Cygnus 4 Cygnus 3 Datalogger
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