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Laser Alignment

Properly aligned equipment runs smoother, more efficiently, experiences fewer breakdowns and lost production time, and ultimately increases your production revenue and profits.


We use the laser based measurement instruments of Fixturlaser for the horizontal or vertical alignment and positioning of machines. These are efficient and user-friendly tools for alignment tasks. Fixturlaser offers a wide range of instruments for different machines, situations and users.

Rayshim Pre-cut Shims

Pre-cut shims make shaft alignment and other machine leveling tasks easier and more cost effective. As part of our alignment solutions, we offer Rayshim pre-cut shims. These are made from high-grade materials, in different sizes to suit almost any type of machine. The major benefits of pre-cut shims include: cost savings, time saving, stock control, safety, reliability and accuracy.
Fixturlaser XA - Express alignment  
Fixturlaser OL2R XA - For continuous high levels of vibration  
Fixturlaser Machine Train XA - Precision alignment of machine trains  
Fixturlaser Offset XA - Precision alignment of offset drives  
Fixturlaser Go - Easy express alignment  
Fixturlaser Dirigo - Fast, easy and precise  
Fixturlaser Exigo - Intrinsically safe shaft alignment tool  
Fixturlaser PAT - the final solution to all your belt alignment needs  
Fixturlaser XA Fixturlaser Dirigo Rayshim Pre-cut Shims
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